Question everything is more than a silly phrase. It’s more than a website name, an empty brand, or a piece of meaningless advice. It is our guiding principle, our slogan, our mantra. That phrase is the only thing we obey without hesitation. The thing that persistently prods our sorry asses out of bed each morning.

It is the reason we quit our jobs and sold our condo and ditched most of our material possessions. It’s the reason we began traveling, writing, and exploring our own inner homosapienism. Hell, it’s the reason we opted for a 24" pepperoni pizza over a wedding cake when we got married. If two words could define the entire ridiculous existence of Rachel & Travis, they would definitely be “question everything.”

Where’s Walter was the original manifestation of this journal. It was a personal exploration of ourselves and the places we visited as we traveled North America in our trusty Winnebago. Our ideas were constantly being squashed, confirmed, morphed, and manhandled. As we progressed, we began to see value not in the things we experienced, but in our interpretation of those experiences, and how they affect and were affected by existing perceptions.

Question Everything is an evolution of that journey. A hunt for knowledge. An examination of social norms. When we break down our social constructs, what do we have left? Why do we do the things that we do? Believe in the things we believe? Who the hell created the towering, invisible ruler that we measure ourselves against, and why do we cling so tightly to that standard?

We don’t have any answers, but we hope that by following along and joining in on the conversation, we all get inspired and start questioning more of that stale, stagnant routine crap that gets crammed down our throats every day for no reason other than tradition or habit.