Train Wreck Beach

We accidentally stumbled upon a nude beach in Vancouver. And when I say accidentally, I mean we'd totally go back. And not for the reasons you'd think.

EE Podcast - EE Gypsies

Earlier this week, Lea and Emily from the EE Podcast ( interviewed us and a couple other crazy folks about our nomadic ways.

Crackheads Are Beautiful, Too.

Download crackheads.mp3 Oh yeah, so we moved. We’re in Calgary for the summer, subletting James and Marlo’s apartment. Thanks guys! Things have been going pretty swell. We’ve been back for a month already and really settled in —which is why…

52 Mixtapes

Tyler made an awesome site called 52 Mix Tapes. It features a new mix tape each week from a different person. This is my week. Take some time and have listen! 52 Mix Tapes » “Let’s Get Out of Here”

I Share. Therefore I Am.

What happens when we mistake social static for real human connections? Bitter, unending loneliness. But don’t take my word for it.

ReCivilization with CBC’s Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott walks us through the death of industrialization in an excellent four part series Here’s the first of four. Turning The Media Inside Out Our systems are failing: from the death of printed media, to our broken financial system,…

Race Against the Machine: An Interview with Andrew McAfee

Steam power changed the transportation and manufacturing industries, but it didn’t affect those in accounting. Compare this to the implications of today’s boundless technology which aren’t limited to any particular industry at all. A fascinating look at how technology has…