Valentimes Up.

Why the hell would anyone want to constrain their zipper-bulging love and adoration to one measly day a year? Not me. I'm out.

Too Cool For School?

Forget going back to school. Our world is wired to be lazy and seek instant gratification. Make something to satisfy it instead.

Manifiesto Yo Soy 132

I can feel the beginnings of a major shift in the production and consumption of media. The dinosaurs of mainstream news are hurdling on a crash course to irrelevancy and eventual extinction.

Cocaine Incorporated

Remember how I said I didn't really like the New York Times? Monday--I said it on Monday. Well, I really don't. But you know what I do like? Incredible investigative journalism. And this, my petite dewdrops, certainly is.

How To Rob A Sunglass Hut

The entire process should take you no longer than 2:37. If it's like a half hour, you're not doing it right. Stick to ripping off penny candies at the 7/11. Step 1: Walk into a Sunglass Hat wearing jeans that…

Eat Trash

Every year, America throws out 96 billion pounds of food. Food that is perfectly healthy and safe, but an inconvenience to resell. The Dive! film is trying to change that.

Viral: Rich vs. Poor Video

Everybody knows when it's the rich versus the poor, the rich always throw an slick uppercut and win. Here's a video to explain.

Obey; A Film

A frightening look at the way our collective society will probably collapse into a devastated pile of rubble because we obey.

Fooling The Advertisers

Advertisers think they're so smart. And they are, except when Derren Brown gets involved and fools them with their own magic.

Uber Car Sharing: It’s Illegal

One of the best transportation models comes along since the steam locomotive, and the world shuts it down. We need another revolution--this one's for Uber.

A Short Lesson in Perspective

Let it marinate. Incubate. Let it sit. Terms of endearment for your percolating ideas that in today's pace, get forgotten.

Anthony Bourdain is Mad

Anthony Bourdain did not give permission to have products edited into his show. But it happened and now he's pissed.

Your New Republican President

You think I got that wrong, don't you. Well, check out Obama's platform--his stance aligns perfectly with that of a moderate Republican's. Surprise!

Do We Need Another 9/11 Conspiracy?

Of course not. But like all theories, the ones that repeat tend to get the most attention. This article summarizes my worst fears. That 9/11 was not a surprise, and it did not have to happen.

Sacred Headwaters

"In northern British Columbia, three of the province's greatest salmon-bearing rivers are formed in the subalpine basin known as the Sacred Headwaters. The land has one of the largest intact predator-prey systems in North America, earning it the nickname, 'Serengeti…

The Spy Files

Do you have any dirt to hide? You better hope not. WikiLeaks recently exposed data being collected from up to 160 different secretive spying corporations

Viruses Change The World

Got a bug? Chances are it came from a pig or a chicken. And I guess that's not such a big deal except that pigs and chickens are practically blood brothers now, hunkering down inside crates on big agricultural farms…

That Other Spill. Exxon Valdez.

Just a sunny reminder of another major ecological catastrophe that occurred as a result of a giant oil tanker spill. It happened in the eighties, but communities are still trying to recover. This article highlights how it's not just the…

Cartoons Know Their Eco Shit!

I'd recommend keeping your eyes closed and your ears open for this one. The cartoon interaction is kind of hilarious, and the voices are robotic, but the message is clear. We're paying for our environmental ignorance in more ways than…

Vic Toews; Public Safety Minister. Liar.

Open Media has been backing up Canada’s public interest regarding online and cellular communications since these concerns started heating our country up. They keep us informed and expose the latest tele-debacles on their site and via online campaigns. This particular…

Everything is a Remix: Pt 4

Kirby Ferguson has released his fourth and final instalment of Everything is a Remix, and it is a damn masterpiece. We’ve written about this series before, but if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you watch them all. It’s a…

ReCivilization with CBC’s Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott walks us through the death of industrialization in an excellent four part series Here’s the first of four. Turning The Media Inside Out Our systems are failing: from the death of printed media, to our broken financial system,…

BC’s Big Gamble: Northern Gateway Pipeline

What could be the harm in Enbridge pumping million gallons of bitumen across a rainforest, some mountains, and a few First Nations’ lands to the ocean where it will get shipped through messy seas all the way to China? Oh.

What the Frack?

In case you ever wondered what the fracking deal was with hydraulic fracking…I couldn’t help myself with the pun; it was unavoidable. An interactive look at the dangers of fracking, aka injecting steam into rock or shale to release gas…