Valentimes Up.

Why the hell would anyone want to constrain their zipper-bulging love and adoration to one measly day a year? Not me. I'm out.

Too Cool For School?

Forget going back to school. Our world is wired to be lazy and seek instant gratification. Make something to satisfy it instead.

Over The Fence or Through The Gate?

I'm the last person who should be writing this. In fact, I'm even the wrong biological sex. But let me tell you about something important: the true function of men's underwear.

Steamy Scientology Secrets

A zany look at the world of scientology and how it led to Tom Cruise being matched with Katie Holmes--then why it all went to shit.

A Year in Vancouver

It's been 365 days of Vancouver. Here it is in pictures. I think we'll be staying another 365.

Superstition Ain’t Bad Till it Fools You

We don't have a four or a thirteen in our building. Elevator buttons, I mean. The elevator panel doesn't have them. And before you yawn and say, "yeah, so what?" think about this for just a second...

Kenny. The Poo Man.

Kenny is a poo man. All day long he cleans up other people's shit after installing portable toilets throughout the arid lands of Australia.

How To Rob A Sunglass Hut

The entire process should take you no longer than 2:37. If it's like a half hour, you're not doing it right. Stick to ripping off penny candies at the 7/11. Step 1: Walk into a Sunglass Hat wearing jeans that…

Under Our Skin

Lyme disease. My uncle was just diagnosed. Bet you’ve heard of it, but probably don’t know a lot about it. We sat down to watch Under Our Skin thinking we’d learn a bit about the neurological effects, but we weren’t…

Love is a Battlefield.

You know that age old Corinthians verse, “Love is patient, love is kind…” (Corinthians 13:4)? You know the one. Your cousin had the pastor deliver it at her wedding. It’s total bullshit. And the reason isn’t because I’m jaded and…

Manuel Antonio

Made it to Manuel Antonio Wednesday. Finally! Real vacation has started. We’ll be plodding our way up the coast with our buddy, Karissa to nibble adventures out of the divine underbelly of Costa Rica. Expect a few pictures, but it’ll…

The Crew

Our parents are finishing the second floor of their Costa Rican castle. They have a crew they’ve been working with for the last couple years, originally from Nicaragua (known as Nicas). Ricardo (fellow Tico) looks after the house & works…


Come to Costa Rica and you’ll see these mutts hang dogging every street corner. They’re a part of the landscape. They might look a little bedraggled, but they’re pretty charming. And CR wouldn’t be the same without ‘em.

Nashville. The Equation.

Day 161 What makes a city worth settling in? We pondered that question in Nashville. We spent two days (in the rain no less) pondering that question and here’s what we came up with.1. A city worth settling in has…

Leavin’ Leavenworth

So we are sick. Again. This time we both have head colds which we never have at the same time. Try navigating Walter down narrow slits of highway when you don’t even have your head attached to your shoulders. That’s…

I Share. Therefore I Am.

What happens when we mistake social static for real human connections? Bitter, unending loneliness. But don’t take my word for it.

Eat Trash

Every year, America throws out 96 billion pounds of food. Food that is perfectly healthy and safe, but an inconvenience to resell. The Dive! film is trying to change that.

Thoughts on the Creative Career

Thank the universe that Ze Frank is around to remind us how untameable the creative beast is and how to deal with it. I'm keeping this video close by.

This is White History

I didn't even know there was a White History month. Oh right, that's every month.

Ash Beckham Takes Back The Word “Gay”

A poignant lesson about how, "that's so gay" when something is not homosexual, is pretty dumb. I mean stupid. I mean--god damn, are there any words I can use that didn't originate as pejoratives?

Viral: Rich vs. Poor Video

Everybody knows when it's the rich versus the poor, the rich always throw an slick uppercut and win. Here's a video to explain.

How To See The Future

Warren Ellis on how we need to stop looking at the future like a rearview mirror and embrace the magic that's happening right now. I mean, we have robots powered by brainwaves!

“The World in 2030” by Dr. Michio Kaku

Four years ago, Dr. Michio Kaku predicted the ways our minds would be blown by the science around us. He was right. Looks like our scientific miracles are right on schedule.

Uber Car Sharing: It’s Illegal

One of the best transportation models comes along since the steam locomotive, and the world shuts it down. We need another revolution--this one's for Uber.

Dogs Are Driving in NZ

You thought Chops was a smart dog, but did you know he could learn to drive in seven weeks?

The War On Journalists

Journalists are increasingly becoming the targets of war. Maybe it's because they talk to much. Maybe they're supposed to be doing just that.

A Short Lesson in Perspective

Let it marinate. Incubate. Let it sit. Terms of endearment for your percolating ideas that in today's pace, get forgotten.

The Throwaways

Kids are being used as dope ring bait by the FDA. They're cheaper, won't make a stink, and sadly, are easy to replace when they get killed.

The Real Bears

Soda's bad for you? Whew. Good thing I only drink beer, wine, scotch, bourbon, vodka sodas and coffee.

Time Lapse of Nuclear Explosions Since ‘45

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto shows us the magnitude of all the nuclear explosions ever to be detonated since their birth during World War II. And I tell you what, folks. It's a little unnerving to see just how many explosions…


Frank Bruni published a column on this interesting new independent film based on real-life-events. It's not exactly a review, but digs into the film's underlying message. "People routinely buy into outlandish claims that calm particular anxieties, fill given needs or…

How to Grow Up

You wouldn't think that standing on our own two feet would lead to wild nights of frisky sex, but the research is in: acting like an adult in your relationship and soothing your own hurts and insecurities rather than expecting…

The Spy Files

Do you have any dirt to hide? You better hope not. WikiLeaks recently exposed data being collected from up to 160 different secretive spying corporations

Kowloon: Destroyed City of China

I've always been fascinated by walled cities, even more so by cities that exist outside of the parameters of government or cultural regulation. The Kowloon Walled city of China was one such city, and it existed for over a hundred…

Female Body Armour

I'm not sure if I'm a feminist and I'm not sure if I'm a pacifist. So, this article about ill-fitting male armour on female soldiers really conflicted me. Of course women soldiers should have comfy bullet-deflecting gear that doesn't chafe…

Learn A Language in 90 Days

What's crazy about learning a language is that we think we can simply read some words on a page, spell them a few times, and then know the language.

How to Make a Rape Joke

There's a lot of controversy surrounding this nasty incident going around the interwebs this week, but nothing I've read speaks to me as much as Lindy West's article on Jezebel.

Decline of The Times

I don't really like Gawker. And I don't really like the New York Times. What happens when the Times writes an article about something that Gawker hates? Hilarity. And a mass orgy of hating.

Magnotta; Copycat Killer?

I'm always fascinated when life imitates art. In this case, fascinated and a little horrified. I remember being a kid and hearing about the classic Charles Ng case.

Girls: Why Religious Men Fear You

A razor sharp article reinforcing fear of women's power as the thing that keeps religious men attempting to subvert them. Will stop your breath.

Kids: Where Do You Go When You Die?

Credit to Laughing Squid for this hilarious video post about kids finding out the bad news about death. Yep, your foot does hurt when you kick the bucket.

Legalizing Hate in America

A great little rant from Hank Green on the absurdity of regulating gay marriage in politics. I just don’t understand why conservatives keep promoting less government… except when it comes to people’s personal lives. Okay that’s not true… I do…

Couple Blogging is Lame

This one hits square in the sucker. Of course we’re a couple; of course we blog; of course we’re lame. All you have to do is check out an early post written while we were on the road to realize…

Each Moment is the Universe

A boy is reborn with memories of his previous lives and tries to fix the mistakes of the past. A beautiful short film about the cycle of life. Turn off the lights, put on the headphones, and watch in full-screen.…

One Nine Nine Four

If you were to look back on my life and find the things that moulded me into what I am today, 90’s punk rock would be way up on that list. It was hard, fast, fun, political music that spoke…

Mr. Rogers Has A Documentary??

Mr. Rogers, the loveable hipster-before-hipsters-even-existed; a cardigan-wearing child entertainer who after years in the biz has left us behind with a legacy. Even though he always frightened me as a child—his sick-sweet voice gave me the prickles—I’d still see this…

The Baloney Detection Kit

How do you sort the true and truly bullshit information that gets hurled in all directions on a constant basis? Who’s opinions do you trust? How do you spot an agenda? Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine, has a simple…

Project Unbreakable *Trigger Warning*

This site is truly heart wrenching. Victims of sexual violence display the words that their attackers used on them during their abuse. I was surprised and uplifted by the number of men that chose to take part of this. Sadly,…

What Hope Looks Like in NYC

She pushes a cart full of sticky cans and bottles, hoping today she’ll have enough to feed her two kids who are only steps behind. Entre Nos is a Spanish foreign film about Mariana, a single mother of two young…

Changing Education Paradigms

The fundamental structure of our education system is so out of touch with modern society, that sometimes I find it astonishing that we’re still able to progress as a civilization. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… I’m not so…

The Story of Stuff Podcast

Our favourite environmental vigilantes, The Story of Stuff, now have a podcast. We’ve posted a couple of their videos in the past, and are huge fans. You’d be hard pressed to find another organization that manages to communicate complex social…

Wilson Miner - When We Build

An incredibly inspiring talk by Wilson Miner from this year’s Build Conference in Belfast. It may be targeted to web designers, but it applies to anyone who creates anything in our civilization. It’s an amazing talk. Watch it, then create…

Race Against the Machine: An Interview with Andrew McAfee

Steam power changed the transportation and manufacturing industries, but it didn’t affect those in accounting. Compare this to the implications of today’s boundless technology which aren’t limited to any particular industry at all. A fascinating look at how technology has…

People & Power: Collapse of the Celtic Tiger

I don’t know a lot about Ireland, and I had no idea that they’ve had such a roller coaster of an economy over the last couple decades. From the mid-1990’s to the mid-2000’s, Ireland went from the “poor man of…

Gordon Ramsay eats Shark Fin Soup for the first time!

Shark Fin Soup is one of the most wasteful bourgeois extravagances to ever hit a dining table. Thousands of sharks around the world are being caught and killed for their fins, then discarded. It’s a shameful practice that has a…

Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory

Do you love your iPhone? Your shiny MacBook Air? I do. There is not a brand on earth with products that I spend so much of my life with, than Apple. It’s no secret that these magical little devices are…

Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class

This is a full-length documentary based on the book Class Dismissed by Pepi Leistyna. It explores the ways television and mainstream media depict the working class in our society. Fascinating, informative, and more relevant than ever. “Class Dismissed breaks important…

Egypt: In no mood for compromise

Egypt is holding the first of a series of elections tomorrow to reform a government, but are these elections little more than the status quo disguised as democracy? One thing’s for sure. The people of Egypt are not going to…

Underwater Art Gallery

Freaky. My favourite image in the underwater gallery is the crazy dude looking up from his wheelchair. I love it!

George Carlin - Teach your children to question

George Carlin - Teach your children to question (via afarkas2222) Teach your children to question everything. “Kids have to be warned that there’s bullshit coming down the road.” RIP George!