Steamy Scientology Secrets

A zany look at the world of scientology and how it led to Tom Cruise being matched with Katie Holmes--then why it all went to shit.

Cocaine Incorporated

Remember how I said I didn't really like the New York Times? Monday--I said it on Monday. Well, I really don't. But you know what I do like? Incredible investigative journalism. And this, my petite dewdrops, certainly is.

Let’s Live in Space

Did you know people have been planning our interstellar adventures since before you were in diapers? Hard to believe, but baby, it's almost time.

The Throwaways

Kids are being used as dope ring bait by the FDA. They're cheaper, won't make a stink, and sadly, are easy to replace when they get killed.

Why We Live In Harm’s Way

We are fully aware of the consequences of living in a triple fault zone where an epic megathrust earthquake is predicted to happen anytime in the next fifty years--but many people deny the inevitable. Here's why.

Atomic Bomb Testing & Humans: Found Footage

I stumbled on this a couple days ago while stumbling down the YouTube rabbit hole. It's bizarre found footage of American soldiers witnessing a test bomb blast in a southern state around the sixties or seventies.