US: Bring Back Propaganda

After having outlawed propaganda (or the right to publicly brainwash your citizens with misinformation) since World War II due to outrageous fears of communism, America is now thinking it might just be a good idea to bring back the right…


What do ya call them folks sailing above the air in a parachute over the water? Oh yeah: smart. A sunset on playa Manuel Antonio from a couple days ago.

Anthony Bourdain is Mad

Anthony Bourdain did not give permission to have products edited into his show. But it happened and now he's pissed.

Animal Addiction

When animals get drunk of the fermenting Marula fruit in the African savanna, they get clumsy, amorous, and uncoordinated just like humans. They also suffer from hangovers and a disturbing desire to do stupid shit like wearing mini skirts and…