Too Cool For School?

Forget going back to school. Our world is wired to be lazy and seek instant gratification. Make something to satisfy it instead.

Cocaine Incorporated

Remember how I said I didn't really like the New York Times? Monday--I said it on Monday. Well, I really don't. But you know what I do like? Incredible investigative journalism. And this, my petite dewdrops, certainly is.

US: Bring Back Propaganda

After having outlawed propaganda (or the right to publicly brainwash your citizens with misinformation) since World War II due to outrageous fears of communism, America is now thinking it might just be a good idea to bring back the right…

Kenny. The Poo Man.

Kenny is a poo man. All day long he cleans up other people's shit after installing portable toilets throughout the arid lands of Australia.

How To Rob A Sunglass Hut

The entire process should take you no longer than 2:37. If it's like a half hour, you're not doing it right. Stick to ripping off penny candies at the 7/11. Step 1: Walk into a Sunglass Hat wearing jeans that…

The Maldives Are Drowning: The Island President Trailer

It’s gob smacking that in 2012 we’re still debating the topic of global warming. The Maldives has lost over 5 meters of beachfront due to rising ocean levels, and an estimated 25 meters of water is waiting to spill over…

Personal Loans & Investing with Peer Lending

Lending Club It’s been around for a while, but Lending Club is still pretty fricken revolutionary. Instead of taking out a giant student loan, line of credit, or burning out your credit cards with the big, greedy old banks, consider…

Tax The Rich

60 Minutes aired 10-31-2010 Remember 60 Minutes? Here’s a compelling clip that discusses the implication of a tax to the US’s wealthiest 2%. The clip explores a proposed state tax increase in Washington to open up a discussion about the…

Viral: Rich vs. Poor Video

Everybody knows when it's the rich versus the poor, the rich always throw an slick uppercut and win. Here's a video to explain.

Obey; A Film

A frightening look at the way our collective society will probably collapse into a devastated pile of rubble because we obey.

Uber Car Sharing: It’s Illegal

One of the best transportation models comes along since the steam locomotive, and the world shuts it down. We need another revolution--this one's for Uber.

Earth: What You See From Space

A gobsmacking look at the big picture astronauts have put together after exiting earth's atmosphere and looking back again.

Do We Need Another 9/11 Conspiracy?

Of course not. But like all theories, the ones that repeat tend to get the most attention. This article summarizes my worst fears. That 9/11 was not a surprise, and it did not have to happen.

The Spy Files

Do you have any dirt to hide? You better hope not. WikiLeaks recently exposed data being collected from up to 160 different secretive spying corporations

Neil DeGrasse Tyson at the 28th National Space Symposium

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's inspiring call to reignite the hearts and minds of America through space exploration. One of the greatest speakers of our time at his very finest. Found via the Fight For Space Kickstarter project. This documentary looks fantastic.…

Cartoons Know Their Eco Shit!

I'd recommend keeping your eyes closed and your ears open for this one. The cartoon interaction is kind of hilarious, and the voices are robotic, but the message is clear. We're paying for our environmental ignorance in more ways than…

The Inequality Speech That TED Won’t Show You

“You can’t find the talk online, because TED officials have declared it too politically controversial to post on their web site” Yeah. Real controversial stuff, TED. Via Dan Savage

How Ottawa runs on oil

I would agree that Alberta is the most politically backward province, and until recently, I always had a bit of a soft spot for its endearing redneck attitude. Things are different now. They went from a bunch of obnoxious conservative…

Backwards Alberta

I know we high-tailed it out of Alberta over seven months ago, but for some reason, we still care about its provincial politics. Call us suckers for a story. Well friends, you might be aware that there is a provincial…

The Fox Effect

How did a mainstream media outlet destroy and subvert the concept of fair and balanced journalism? Read The Fox Effect to find out. “Featuring transcripts of leaked audio and memos from Fox News reporters and executives, The Fox Effect is…

ReCivilization with CBC’s Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott walks us through the death of industrialization in an excellent four part series Here’s the first of four. Turning The Media Inside Out Our systems are failing: from the death of printed media, to our broken financial system,…

BC’s Big Gamble: Northern Gateway Pipeline

What could be the harm in Enbridge pumping million gallons of bitumen across a rainforest, some mountains, and a few First Nations’ lands to the ocean where it will get shipped through messy seas all the way to China? Oh.

China’s Sinopec = Oilsands Puppet Master?

Terry Glavin is a feisty journalist for the Ottawa Citizen and he’s got a bee lodged squarely in his ass about why Canada (specifically the Harper government) has failed to inform us about China’s increasingly domineering role in our energy…

Race Against the Machine: An Interview with Andrew McAfee

Steam power changed the transportation and manufacturing industries, but it didn’t affect those in accounting. Compare this to the implications of today’s boundless technology which aren’t limited to any particular industry at all. A fascinating look at how technology has…

People & Power: Collapse of the Celtic Tiger

I don’t know a lot about Ireland, and I had no idea that they’ve had such a roller coaster of an economy over the last couple decades. From the mid-1990’s to the mid-2000’s, Ireland went from the “poor man of…

Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory

Do you love your iPhone? Your shiny MacBook Air? I do. There is not a brand on earth with products that I spend so much of my life with, than Apple. It’s no secret that these magical little devices are…

An Antidote to Apathy?

"I don't care." Heard this one before? Well, Dave Meslin, a bid ideas guy, thinks that we're not engaged because the systems that need our involvement simply don't want it and do whatever they can to shut us out.

Why Occupy is Being Targeted on A Federal Level

Naomi Wolf provides a clear breakdown for the reasons that police forces operating in separate jurisdictions have banded together in a federal crackdown on the Occupy movement. You won’t like the answer, but the article provides some incredible insights.

The Story of Broke

Story of Stuff just released their latest video, Story of Broke. Clear, straight to the point, Annie Leonard dices through the BS that makes us believe that we’re a broke ass country (yep, Canada too) that has no choice but…

Meltdown - Al Jazeera

A four part series exposing who caused the 2008 financial crisis and how it affects our global economy; it’s not just isolated to countries like the US or England. Many folks are questioning the Occupy movements in Canada and other…