Blazing Austin Saddles

Day 155 A little recap: I said I’d fill you in about Austin, so even though we’re in Nashville, I’m going to pretend we’re not. I’ve glossed over lots of little booger towns; little holes in the wall not worth…

Eat Trash

Every year, America throws out 96 billion pounds of food. Food that is perfectly healthy and safe, but an inconvenience to resell. The Dive! film is trying to change that.

Anthony Bourdain is Mad

Anthony Bourdain did not give permission to have products edited into his show. But it happened and now he's pissed.

The Real Bears

Soda's bad for you? Whew. Good thing I only drink beer, wine, scotch, bourbon, vodka sodas and coffee.

Viruses Change The World

Got a bug? Chances are it came from a pig or a chicken. And I guess that's not such a big deal except that pigs and chickens are practically blood brothers now, hunkering down inside crates on big agricultural farms…

Animal Addiction

When animals get drunk of the fermenting Marula fruit in the African savanna, they get clumsy, amorous, and uncoordinated just like humans. They also suffer from hangovers and a disturbing desire to do stupid shit like wearing mini skirts and…

Gordon Ramsay eats Shark Fin Soup for the first time!

Shark Fin Soup is one of the most wasteful bourgeois extravagances to ever hit a dining table. Thousands of sharks around the world are being caught and killed for their fins, then discarded. It’s a shameful practice that has a…