52 Mixtapes

Tyler made an awesome site called 52 Mix Tapes. It features a new mix tape each week from a different person. This is my week. Take some time and have listen! 52 Mix Tapes » “Let’s Get Out of Here”

Nashville. The Equation.

Day 161 What makes a city worth settling in? We pondered that question in Nashville. We spent two days (in the rain no less) pondering that question and here’s what we came up with.1. A city worth settling in has…

Bendito Machines

"Jossie Malis": makes stunning videos that feel like Indonesian shadow theatre while telling the demise of a simple human-like species. The species' own love of machines earns its demise every time. Film IV (above) is my favourite.

One Nine Nine Four

If you were to look back on my life and find the things that moulded me into what I am today, 90’s punk rock would be way up on that list. It was hard, fast, fun, political music that spoke…

Nova | Auto-Tune

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant astrophysicist. He is a less-than-brilliant singer. Watch how a little lot of Auto-Tune can turn his even this voice into something nearly listenable.