A Year in Vancouver

It's been 365 days of Vancouver. Here it is in pictures. I think we'll be staying another 365.

Photos: Vancouver Spring

This is just another reason why I love this damn city. There are so many interesting things to look at right outside our door.

Our view

Saddled right beside Expo and the stadium, downtown Vancouver. The hardest part about finding a place in Vancouver? Too many choices.


Mint. That I am supposed to be using in mojitos. When the sun decides to rear its shiny, passive agressive face. How important is it to you to live where it’s sunny? Calgary is supposed to be the sunniest city…


What do ya call them folks sailing above the air in a parachute over the water? Oh yeah: smart. A sunset on playa Manuel Antonio from a couple days ago.

Manuel Antonio

Made it to Manuel Antonio Wednesday. Finally! Real vacation has started. We’ll be plodding our way up the coast with our buddy, Karissa to nibble adventures out of the divine underbelly of Costa Rica. Expect a few pictures, but it’ll…

The Crew

Our parents are finishing the second floor of their Costa Rican castle. They have a crew they’ve been working with for the last couple years, originally from Nicaragua (known as Nicas). Ricardo (fellow Tico) looks after the house & works…


Come to Costa Rica and you’ll see these mutts hang dogging every street corner. They’re a part of the landscape. They might look a little bedraggled, but they’re pretty charming. And CR wouldn’t be the same without ‘em.

Temporary Headquarters

Question Everything will be posting from our temporary headquarters on a remote Costa Rican beach for the next eight weeks or so. Great stuff on the way!


Some people load up on sunscreen and luminescent board shorts. Others go for hiking boots and dorky safari hats. I, my friends, gather up enough nerd gear to make any Tri-Lambda warm in the nethers. Good thing we’re allowed two…

The Rocky Coast

Day 20 The rocky coast. No words can describe this stunning view.