Popular Culture

Valentimes Up.

Why the hell would anyone want to constrain their zipper-bulging love and adoration to one measly day a year? Not me. I'm out.

Superstition Ain’t Bad Till it Fools You

We don't have a four or a thirteen in our building. Elevator buttons, I mean. The elevator panel doesn't have them. And before you yawn and say, "yeah, so what?" think about this for just a second...

Manifiesto Yo Soy 132

I can feel the beginnings of a major shift in the production and consumption of media. The dinosaurs of mainstream news are hurdling on a crash course to irrelevancy and eventual extinction.

I Share. Therefore I Am.

What happens when we mistake social static for real human connections? Bitter, unending loneliness. But don’t take my word for it.

Dogs Are Driving in NZ

You thought Chops was a smart dog, but did you know he could learn to drive in seven weeks?

A Short Lesson in Perspective

Let it marinate. Incubate. Let it sit. Terms of endearment for your percolating ideas that in today's pace, get forgotten.

Anthony Bourdain is Mad

Anthony Bourdain did not give permission to have products edited into his show. But it happened and now he's pissed.

Why We Live In Harm’s Way

We are fully aware of the consequences of living in a triple fault zone where an epic megathrust earthquake is predicted to happen anytime in the next fifty years--but many people deny the inevitable. Here's why.

How to Make a Rape Joke

There's a lot of controversy surrounding this nasty incident going around the interwebs this week, but nothing I've read speaks to me as much as Lindy West's article on Jezebel.

Decline of The Times

I don't really like Gawker. And I don't really like the New York Times. What happens when the Times writes an article about something that Gawker hates? Hilarity. And a mass orgy of hating.

What Happens When You Mention Sexism & Video Games?

Sure, Youtube comments can get pretty nasty. Yes, tweets can be cold, but never in my life have I seen the kind of backlash Anita Sarkeesian, feminist and recent Kickstarter success story received after launching her campaign to illuminate sexist…