Steamy Scientology Secrets

A zany look at the world of scientology and how it led to Tom Cruise being matched with Katie Holmes--then why it all went to shit.

Superstition Ain’t Bad Till it Fools You

We don't have a four or a thirteen in our building. Elevator buttons, I mean. The elevator panel doesn't have them. And before you yawn and say, "yeah, so what?" think about this for just a second...

US: Bring Back Propaganda

After having outlawed propaganda (or the right to publicly brainwash your citizens with misinformation) since World War II due to outrageous fears of communism, America is now thinking it might just be a good idea to bring back the right…

The Maldives Are Drowning: The Island President Trailer

It’s gob smacking that in 2012 we’re still debating the topic of global warming. The Maldives has lost over 5 meters of beachfront due to rising ocean levels, and an estimated 25 meters of water is waiting to spill over…

The Art of Flight part II: Take Off

You followed all the booking and checking-in advice in "Part I," right? Okay, cool. Half the battle is done. The rest is just an exercise in maintaining sanity in an increasingly absurd concoction of security theatre, inept tourists, and over-priced…

Fireflies Do Dead Bug Best

Fireflies keep hitting the lights up on the third floor of our parents' domicile in Costa Rica. The heat stuns their glowing bodies and they fall ten feet to the floor. I can see them littered all over the steps…

The Super Supercapacitor

It's not a flux capacitor. It's a supercapacitor. It's real, made of one atom thick sheets of pencil lead, and it makes the batteries of today seem like idiots.

The Universe Within

Palaeontologist, evolutionary biologist, and writer Neil Shubin, shows us the lost evolutionary connection between our waterborne ancestors and our later land-dwelling selves.

How To See The Future

Warren Ellis on how we need to stop looking at the future like a rearview mirror and embrace the magic that's happening right now. I mean, we have robots powered by brainwaves!

Let’s Live in Space

Did you know people have been planning our interstellar adventures since before you were in diapers? Hard to believe, but baby, it's almost time.

“The World in 2030” by Dr. Michio Kaku

Four years ago, Dr. Michio Kaku predicted the ways our minds would be blown by the science around us. He was right. Looks like our scientific miracles are right on schedule.

Free Transportation For Life

Tesla plans to provide free charging stations to every Tesla Model S driver out there. Take that, gas stations!

Blowing Up the Moon

It's official. The US planned to blow up the moon. Glad they changed their minds.

Why We Live In Harm’s Way

We are fully aware of the consequences of living in a triple fault zone where an epic megathrust earthquake is predicted to happen anytime in the next fifty years--but many people deny the inevitable. Here's why.

Romney To Gut FEMA As Hurricane Sandy Approaches

You best not be anywhere close to the east coast in the next few days if you plan to vote in Romney. He'll make sure you pay a private company to find your house after it washes away. That's right.…

Nice Work, Eyjafjallajökull

And here's a beautiful time lapse of that famous Icelandic volcano that innocently disrupted air traffic for weeks.

Do We Need Another 9/11 Conspiracy?

Of course not. But like all theories, the ones that repeat tend to get the most attention. This article summarizes my worst fears. That 9/11 was not a surprise, and it did not have to happen.

Drake equation: How many alien civilizations exist?

The BBC has a lovely interactive infographic that estimates the number alien civilizations that exist in our universe. Use the presets or fiddle with your own numbers. Even the most conservative preset ballparks some 15,000 civilizations. Just think about that.

Time Lapse of Nuclear Explosions Since ‘45

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto shows us the magnitude of all the nuclear explosions ever to be detonated since their birth during World War II. And I tell you what, folks. It's a little unnerving to see just how many explosions…

How to Grow Up

You wouldn't think that standing on our own two feet would lead to wild nights of frisky sex, but the research is in: acting like an adult in your relationship and soothing your own hurts and insecurities rather than expecting…

Buckminster Fuller - Everything I Know

I'm not really sure I understand a lot of what ol' Bucky put out, but I'm pretty tempted to give his 42 hour lecture series a solid try. Why? Because a) there's probably a lot of genius packed in there,…

Neil DeGrasse Tyson at the 28th National Space Symposium

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's inspiring call to reignite the hearts and minds of America through space exploration. One of the greatest speakers of our time at his very finest. Found via the Fight For Space Kickstarter project. This documentary looks fantastic.…

Viruses Change The World

Got a bug? Chances are it came from a pig or a chicken. And I guess that's not such a big deal except that pigs and chickens are practically blood brothers now, hunkering down inside crates on big agricultural farms…

Colour Me Impressed: Chromatic E. Coli

We've all stared into the toilet bowl with pride a time or two, but imagine you could actually get something useful out of that riveting experience.

Cartoons Know Their Eco Shit!

I'd recommend keeping your eyes closed and your ears open for this one. The cartoon interaction is kind of hilarious, and the voices are robotic, but the message is clear. We're paying for our environmental ignorance in more ways than…

Everything Flows

Our friend Stu released this beautiful short film last night. He claims that's white soap in there. Sure Stu. Either way it's gorgeous and absolutely mesmerizing. I suggest you watch it in full-screen HD with the lights out and the…

Measuring the Universe

The simplest explanation of measuring just how fucking far the rest of the universe is from us.

The Baloney Detection Kit

How do you sort the true and truly bullshit information that gets hurled in all directions on a constant basis? Who’s opinions do you trust? How do you spot an agenda? Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine, has a simple…

Extract Your DNA

Ever wish you could see the strands of genetic material that make you…you? You can, and there’s no fancy lab equipment required. In this NOVA video short, learn how to extract your own DNA using just a few common household…

The Most Astounding Fact

Just watch. Listen. Reflect… The Most Astounding Fact on… via <a href="">devour</a></p>&mdash; Stephen Caver (stephencaver) March 6, 2012

What the Frack?

In case you ever wondered what the fracking deal was with hydraulic fracking…I couldn’t help myself with the pun; it was unavoidable. An interactive look at the dangers of fracking, aka injecting steam into rock or shale to release gas…

Turbine Free Wind Power

I love ideas like this. I have no idea if it actually works, but it is an ingenious concept. Imagine the progress we’d make if the oil industry began to innovate and find new ways to generate energy instead of…

The Richard Feynman Trilogy: The Physicist Captured in Three Films

Richard Feynman was a brilliant, outspoken physicist and (reluctant) recipient of the Nobel Prize. There were three documentaries and one TV series from producer, Christopher Sykes, that featured Feynman from 1981 to 1993. I’ve seen couple of them so far.…

Evolution Explains Why We Still Have Butt Hair | Motherboard

“Hello Derek. Bev here. First time, long time. I’m 99.999999999999999999999999% sold on evolution, but then I think about how we still grow hair in our ass crack. The fuck’s up with that? I’ma hang up and listen now. Thanks!” Good…

Nova | Auto-Tune

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant astrophysicist. He is a less-than-brilliant singer. Watch how a little lot of Auto-Tune can turn his even this voice into something nearly listenable.