Cocaine Incorporated

Remember how I said I didn't really like the New York Times? Monday--I said it on Monday. Well, I really don't. But you know what I do like? Incredible investigative journalism. And this, my petite dewdrops, certainly is.

The Maldives Are Drowning: The Island President Trailer

It’s gob smacking that in 2012 we’re still debating the topic of global warming. The Maldives has lost over 5 meters of beachfront due to rising ocean levels, and an estimated 25 meters of water is waiting to spill over…

The Super Supercapacitor

It's not a flux capacitor. It's a supercapacitor. It's real, made of one atom thick sheets of pencil lead, and it makes the batteries of today seem like idiots.

How To See The Future

Warren Ellis on how we need to stop looking at the future like a rearview mirror and embrace the magic that's happening right now. I mean, we have robots powered by brainwaves!

Let’s Live in Space

Did you know people have been planning our interstellar adventures since before you were in diapers? Hard to believe, but baby, it's almost time.

“The World in 2030” by Dr. Michio Kaku

Four years ago, Dr. Michio Kaku predicted the ways our minds would be blown by the science around us. He was right. Looks like our scientific miracles are right on schedule.

Uber Car Sharing: It’s Illegal

One of the best transportation models comes along since the steam locomotive, and the world shuts it down. We need another revolution--this one's for Uber.

Free Transportation For Life

Tesla plans to provide free charging stations to every Tesla Model S driver out there. Take that, gas stations!

The Mine Kafon

Designer and refugee, Massoud Hassani has created a solution to the landmine problem: a giant ball of legs that uses the wind to blow them up.

A Short Lesson in Perspective

Let it marinate. Incubate. Let it sit. Terms of endearment for your percolating ideas that in today's pace, get forgotten.

What’s Inside Your iPhone 5?

Seriously. We don't need new phones every goddamn year. I completely understand the appeal of having the latest version. New features, better performance, and 'financial encouragement' from mobile providers make it a tempting proposition. I'm a recovering upgrade addict myself.…

Nice Work, Eyjafjallajökull

And here's a beautiful time lapse of that famous Icelandic volcano that innocently disrupted air traffic for weeks.

Do We Need Another 9/11 Conspiracy?

Of course not. But like all theories, the ones that repeat tend to get the most attention. This article summarizes my worst fears. That 9/11 was not a surprise, and it did not have to happen.

Time Lapse of Nuclear Explosions Since ‘45

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto shows us the magnitude of all the nuclear explosions ever to be detonated since their birth during World War II. And I tell you what, folks. It's a little unnerving to see just how many explosions…

Buckminster Fuller - Everything I Know

I'm not really sure I understand a lot of what ol' Bucky put out, but I'm pretty tempted to give his 42 hour lecture series a solid try. Why? Because a) there's probably a lot of genius packed in there,…

Kowloon: Destroyed City of China

I've always been fascinated by walled cities, even more so by cities that exist outside of the parameters of government or cultural regulation. The Kowloon Walled city of China was one such city, and it existed for over a hundred…

Female Body Armour

I'm not sure if I'm a feminist and I'm not sure if I'm a pacifist. So, this article about ill-fitting male armour on female soldiers really conflicted me. Of course women soldiers should have comfy bullet-deflecting gear that doesn't chafe…

Wicked Fireworks PSA From the 90s

If you can withstand the seven minutes this PSA takes to get its point across about fireworks safety, you're in for a real treat.

Colour Me Impressed: Chromatic E. Coli

We've all stared into the toilet bowl with pride a time or two, but imagine you could actually get something useful out of that riveting experience.

What Happens When You Mention Sexism & Video Games?

Sure, Youtube comments can get pretty nasty. Yes, tweets can be cold, but never in my life have I seen the kind of backlash Anita Sarkeesian, feminist and recent Kickstarter success story received after launching her campaign to illuminate sexist…

Cartoons Know Their Eco Shit!

I'd recommend keeping your eyes closed and your ears open for this one. The cartoon interaction is kind of hilarious, and the voices are robotic, but the message is clear. We're paying for our environmental ignorance in more ways than…

Vic Toews; Public Safety Minister. Liar.

Open Media has been backing up Canada’s public interest regarding online and cellular communications since these concerns started heating our country up. They keep us informed and expose the latest tele-debacles on their site and via online campaigns. This particular…

Everything is a Remix: Pt 4

Kirby Ferguson has released his fourth and final instalment of Everything is a Remix, and it is a damn masterpiece. We’ve written about this series before, but if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you watch them all. It’s a…

ReCivilization with CBC’s Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott walks us through the death of industrialization in an excellent four part series Here’s the first of four. Turning The Media Inside Out Our systems are failing: from the death of printed media, to our broken financial system,…

Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

An amazing talk about how we interact with and develop software… then how to change the world. Fascinating and inspiring. Stick with it until the end. It gets really good. Via @fchimero

Turbine Free Wind Power

I love ideas like this. I have no idea if it actually works, but it is an ingenious concept. Imagine the progress we’d make if the oil industry began to innovate and find new ways to generate energy instead of…

Wilson Miner - When We Build

An incredibly inspiring talk by Wilson Miner from this year’s Build Conference in Belfast. It may be targeted to web designers, but it applies to anyone who creates anything in our civilization. It’s an amazing talk. Watch it, then create…

Race Against the Machine: An Interview with Andrew McAfee

Steam power changed the transportation and manufacturing industries, but it didn’t affect those in accounting. Compare this to the implications of today’s boundless technology which aren’t limited to any particular industry at all. A fascinating look at how technology has…