The Art of Flight part II: Take Off

You followed all the booking and checking-in advice in "Part I," right? Okay, cool. Half the battle is done. The rest is just an exercise in maintaining sanity in an increasingly absurd concoction of security theatre, inept tourists, and over-priced…

The Art of Flight Part I: Pre-flight

Flying sucks. Now, I appreciate the fact that we can race around the Earth to any location in record time, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a massive pain in the ass and generator of stress and tension.

Our view

Saddled right beside Expo and the stadium, downtown Vancouver. The hardest part about finding a place in Vancouver? Too many choices.


What do ya call them folks sailing above the air in a parachute over the water? Oh yeah: smart. A sunset on playa Manuel Antonio from a couple days ago.

Manuel Antonio

Made it to Manuel Antonio Wednesday. Finally! Real vacation has started. We’ll be plodding our way up the coast with our buddy, Karissa to nibble adventures out of the divine underbelly of Costa Rica. Expect a few pictures, but it’ll…


Come to Costa Rica and you’ll see these mutts hang dogging every street corner. They’re a part of the landscape. They might look a little bedraggled, but they’re pretty charming. And CR wouldn’t be the same without ‘em.

Temporary Headquarters

Question Everything will be posting from our temporary headquarters on a remote Costa Rican beach for the next eight weeks or so. Great stuff on the way!


Some people load up on sunscreen and luminescent board shorts. Others go for hiking boots and dorky safari hats. I, my friends, gather up enough nerd gear to make any Tri-Lambda warm in the nethers. Good thing we’re allowed two…

Nashville. The Equation.

Day 161 What makes a city worth settling in? We pondered that question in Nashville. We spent two days (in the rain no less) pondering that question and here’s what we came up with.1. A city worth settling in has…

The Rocky Coast

Day 20 The rocky coast. No words can describe this stunning view.

Meet Isabella

Meet Isabella. She’s our trusty Vespa that will be tagging along on the back of Walter.

Teaser Trip

We trekked into the woods this week with the desire to restore our sanity. It was a teaser trip with Walter to Kananaskis to see just how well he would respond to our love. We even decided to bring our…

The Gas Huffer.

Call us crazy (we might be), but we just added a new member to our family. He’s a road junkie with an appetite for snorting gasoline and has no other desire than to wake up on a new street every…

Uber Car Sharing: It’s Illegal

One of the best transportation models comes along since the steam locomotive, and the world shuts it down. We need another revolution--this one's for Uber.

Nice Work, Eyjafjallajökull

And here's a beautiful time lapse of that famous Icelandic volcano that innocently disrupted air traffic for weeks.

Learn A Language in 90 Days

What's crazy about learning a language is that we think we can simply read some words on a page, spell them a few times, and then know the language.

What Hope Looks Like in NYC

She pushes a cart full of sticky cans and bottles, hoping today she’ll have enough to feed her two kids who are only steps behind. Entre Nos is a Spanish foreign film about Mariana, a single mother of two young…