A Year in Vancouver

It's been 365 days of Vancouver. Here it is in pictures. I think we'll be staying another 365.

Obey; A Film

A frightening look at the way our collective society will probably collapse into a devastated pile of rubble because we obey.

The War On Journalists

Journalists are increasingly becoming the targets of war. Maybe it's because they talk to much. Maybe they're supposed to be doing just that.

Blowing Up the Moon

It's official. The US planned to blow up the moon. Glad they changed their minds.

The Mine Kafon

Designer and refugee, Massoud Hassani has created a solution to the landmine problem: a giant ball of legs that uses the wind to blow them up.

The Throwaways

Kids are being used as dope ring bait by the FDA. They're cheaper, won't make a stink, and sadly, are easy to replace when they get killed.

Turning the New World

Native American activist and progressive thinker, Russell Means, passed away this Monday. He left behind an idea for change; A new Native America: The Lakota Republic.

Do We Need Another 9/11 Conspiracy?

Of course not. But like all theories, the ones that repeat tend to get the most attention. This article summarizes my worst fears. That 9/11 was not a surprise, and it did not have to happen.

Time Lapse of Nuclear Explosions Since ‘45

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto shows us the magnitude of all the nuclear explosions ever to be detonated since their birth during World War II. And I tell you what, folks. It's a little unnerving to see just how many explosions…

Men In Power Defining Rape

Guess what. Ever since we can remember, men have been defining what constitutes rape. Interesting, especially when you think about the fact that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will be raped before they turn eighteen in…

The Spy Files

Do you have any dirt to hide? You better hope not. WikiLeaks recently exposed data being collected from up to 160 different secretive spying corporations

Atomic Bomb Testing & Humans: Found Footage

I stumbled on this a couple days ago while stumbling down the YouTube rabbit hole. It's bizarre found footage of American soldiers witnessing a test bomb blast in a southern state around the sixties or seventies.

Female Body Armour

I'm not sure if I'm a feminist and I'm not sure if I'm a pacifist. So, this article about ill-fitting male armour on female soldiers really conflicted me. Of course women soldiers should have comfy bullet-deflecting gear that doesn't chafe…