A Year in Vancouver

It's been 365 days of Vancouver. Here it is in pictures. I think we'll be staying another 365.

Cocaine Incorporated

Remember how I said I didn't really like the New York Times? Monday--I said it on Monday. Well, I really don't. But you know what I do like? Incredible investigative journalism. And this, my petite dewdrops, certainly is.

US: Bring Back Propaganda

After having outlawed propaganda (or the right to publicly brainwash your citizens with misinformation) since World War II due to outrageous fears of communism, America is now thinking it might just be a good idea to bring back the right…

Kenny. The Poo Man.

Kenny is a poo man. All day long he cleans up other people's shit after installing portable toilets throughout the arid lands of Australia.

Viral: Rich vs. Poor Video

Everybody knows when it's the rich versus the poor, the rich always throw an slick uppercut and win. Here's a video to explain.

Obey; A Film

A frightening look at the way our collective society will probably collapse into a devastated pile of rubble because we obey.

Fooling The Advertisers

Advertisers think they're so smart. And they are, except when Derren Brown gets involved and fools them with their own magic.

A Short Lesson in Perspective

Let it marinate. Incubate. Let it sit. Terms of endearment for your percolating ideas that in today's pace, get forgotten.

Female Body Armour

I'm not sure if I'm a feminist and I'm not sure if I'm a pacifist. So, this article about ill-fitting male armour on female soldiers really conflicted me. Of course women soldiers should have comfy bullet-deflecting gear that doesn't chafe…