Over The Fence or Through The Gate?

I'm the last person who should be writing this. In fact, I'm even the wrong biological sex. But let me tell you about something important: the true function of men's underwear.

How I Lost And Found My Mojo. Hint: Vodka

I'm sipping on a quadruple vodka, courtesy of Travis Gertz. If that doesn't spell trouble, it certainly spells a night of entertainment. Don't worry, it's on me (or it might be later). Pending purge.

A Memoir Project

A memoir and bedside attendant (if you have a tablet to read it on).

The War On Journalists

Journalists are increasingly becoming the targets of war. Maybe it's because they talk to much. Maybe they're supposed to be doing just that.

Journalists Frame The Language of Truth

Jim Harris of the Huffington Post has something to say. And what we hear depends on just how he says it. We know journalists shape the message they wish to convey using the complexity of language: nuance, innuendo, critical tone,…

Couple Blogging is Lame

This one hits square in the sucker. Of course we’re a couple; of course we blog; of course we’re lame. All you have to do is check out an early post written while we were on the road to realize…

Bad Movie, Good Lesson

“Becoming a writer isn’t like becoming a doctor or a civil engineer or a luncheonette that serves “the best coffee in town.” You don’t have to go through a seven-year accreditation process. If you want to call yourself a writer,…