A Reflection. Pt 1: By the Numbers

by Travis Gertz

Two days ago we hit a major milestone on this trip. We completed a full six months touring the amazing US of A. Here is the trip by the numbers. Maybe when we’re done I can make some sort of crazy infographic, but for now, here is the raw data:


Amount of days on the road: 190
Amount of days in America: 177
Number of states we hit: 23
Number of cities we stayed in: 69
Hours driving*: 216 hours / 9 days
Ratio of times getting lost per outing: 9:10 

Distance travelled in Walter: 12,048.2 miles / 19,389.7 kilometres (half the circumference of the earth)
Amount of gas consumed in Walter*: 1506 US gallons / 5701 litres
Cost of gas in Walter*: $4520 USD

Distance travelled on Isabella: 754.8 miles / 1214.7 kilometres
Amount of gas consumed in Isabella*: 12 US gallons / 45.5 litres
Cost of gas in Isabella*: $36

Amount paid in tolls*: $80
Times Walter required service: 3

Cars rented: 4


Number of RV parks: 38
Nights in Walmart Parking Lots: 39
Nights in unauthorized urban camping zones: 20
Nights in Hotels: 9


Amount of propane consumed*: 160 US gallons / 605.6 litres
Cost of propane*: $560 USD
Times we ran out of propane in the middle of the night: 4 

Sewage mishaps: 2
Grey water mishaps: 4

Times we played Rock Band: 4

Items we lost that haven’t turned up yet: Socks, two hoodies

Days we consumed alcohol*: 166


Number of parking citations: 3
Friendly encounters with civil servants: 4
Unfriendly encounters with civil servants: 1
Times broken into: 0

Amount of goods purchased in the US*: $2550.00 USD
Amount of duty we had to pay: $51.45 CAD 


Encounters with snow: 2
Days of rain**: 162
Places where the thermometer broke 20°C (68°F): 5


Museums/Galleries: 12
Zoos: 2
Tours: 11
Amusement Parks: 3
Live music shows: 7
Movies we saw in the theatre: Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Road, Kick-Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine, Sherlock Holmes, 2012, Avatar, Whip It, Visual Acoustics, Where The Wild Things Are

Attractions we missed because of weather: 3


Number of blog posts: 111
Number of photos taken: 6936
Number of videos captured: 400 

The Cities

Most loved cities: Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; San Francisco, CA
Most hated city: Houston, TX

Friendliest people: Nashville, TN; Seattle, WA; Austin, TX
Unhappiest people: Miami, FL; Houston, TX
Biggest hippies: Portland, OR
Best facial hair: Portland, OR
Most mutant-like citizens: Kingman, AZ; Moncton, NB

Best creative community: Jacksonville, FL

Worst drivers: All of Florida; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA
Worst traffic: Seattle, WA 

Coolest Cities: New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX; New York, NY
Best Music: Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; Nashville, TN; Seattle, WA 

Best food: San Francisco, CA; New Orleans, LA
Worst food: Southern Florida
Best Beer: Portland, OR; Seattle, WA

Best photography spot: Bombay Beach, CA 

Top places that we need to do-over: New York, NY; Boston, MA; Portland, OR
Top places to avoid: Tallahassee, FL; Houston, TX; Fort Stockton, TX

Places we met with friends: Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Jacksonville, FL; West Palm Beach, FL; Naples, FL; Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Amish-land, PA; New York, NY; Lowell, MA

* Rough estimate
** Wild estimate 

There you have it! Tomorrow I’ll post some of the things we’ve learned on this trip. Also, look forward to more content about how we actually made this happen, and how you fools could do the same (or similar) if you wanted to.

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