Ann Arbour

by Rachel Gertz

Day 226

We owe the beauty of our afternoon in Ann Arbor, Michigan all to Ben Turner. Yes, Ben who needs no introduction, save for this beautiful moment at SXSW. He’s the one swapping a shot of liquor with another man after gargling it. Well played, chap. Well played.

Ben, you met on a moments notice, dined us at Zingerman’s (only the most fantastic place we have ever eaten) and charmed the pants off of us with tales of how Detroit is like Ann’s thug cousin. It was a jolly afternoon.

So, it is our sincere wish that you go to Lawrence, Kansas, tell us you’re there, and then invite us to come down so we can ruminate with the Lawrence boys: Jeff, Christian, Alex on the beautiful moments we created in our altered states. And so that we, in our rejuvinated glory, can feast upon new moments and can recall them at future events.

Basically, we’ll get really drunk together and then talk about how drunk we got when we all meet up to drink at SXSW in 2011. Now just replace ‘drunk’ with ‘confabulate’ and you have yourself a deep experience.

Thanks Ben!

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