Anonymous set to destroy Fox News

by Rachel Gertz

RT News

Anonymous. A group of people around the world who are united by their desire to engage in civil disobedience with the intent to achieve positive change in the world. They uh, also try to stay anonymous. If you’re a member and you get caught, you’re out by the way.

Since their inception in 2003, they’ve been fairly active: temporarily taking down the Westboro Baptist Church site, leaking documents indicating fraud at The Bank of America, taking down the Spanish Police site, as well as numerous other attacks on organizations, corporations, and web sites.

We Will Remember the 5th of November

On November 5th/11, Anonymous has said that it will take down Fox News for its roll in obfuscating and belittling the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The November 5th date has also been chosen as Operation Cashback, where people will be encouraged to pull their money out of large financial institutions and put them into smaller, people first credit unions to stem the financial tyranny that we’ve been experiencing around the world. If enough people actually partake, we might see some economic toppling like never before.

When I was born, I never imagined that I’d live in a time where our economic and political systems were on the brink of collapse.

I never imagined George Orwell would be right. Feel like fighting back?

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