Four More Days

by Rachel Gertz

Rocky Mountains Peeking Through in Wyoming

Day 230

Four days from home —15 hours of driving in the last two and a half days. 

I saw the blue Rocky Mountains rise from the hills of Wyoming today, and for the first time, the reality that this trip was ending stung my throat. You see, the Rockies rise all the way up through America and Canada like a blue blade of ice. They’ll snatch away your breath with their unapologetic beauty. The Rockies mean home.

We miss home. We miss our family. We miss our friends. 

And still… This trip has been the best damn thing we have ever done with our little lives, and we’ll be sorry when we have to say goodbye to Walter and the endless stretch of black top that has become embedded behind our eyelids. I can’t begin to tell you what a trip like this does to a person. But we’ll try.

PS— Anyone want to continue the Walter legacy? He’s solid and cleans up nice. Also, we’re sterilizing him, so you wouldn’t know we’d spent the last seven months parasiting inside. Drives like a dream. Make us an offer. 

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