Getting the Halifax Straight.

by Rachel Gertz

Day 202

I had no idea that Halifax was such a cool city. My only frame of reference was from watching Street Cents while growing up. The only thing I knew was that it was small, cloudy, and filled with smart teens who knew how to question advertisers and combat materialism. Also, Trailer Park Boys (if you are not familiar, I implore you to GET familiar. You won’t regret it). Now that ain’t a bad start.

It’s an old city for North America. It started as an important military harbour in the early 1700’s beginning with the colonization of the British, the Seven Years War, The American Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, and both World Wars.

In 1917 a French munitions ship exploded and blew the harbour to Kingdom Come, which despite being a major disaster, actually reshaped the city and later helped its reconstruction into what it is today.

It also happens to be home of several post secondary institutions including Dalhousie University and a couple art schools. This probably explains the large population of smart young people as much as it explains the staggering amount of quality pubs and restaurants.

Somehow, this odd mashup of history, education, art, Canadiana, and binge-drinking adds up to one of Canada’s most vibrant and fascinating cities.

It has it all. Smarts, beauty, culture, personality. If it weren’t for the bone-chilling, humid winters and constant grey skies, we would definitely consider calling this place home. I expect we’ll be returning regularly.

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