Kenny. The Poo Man.

by Rachel Gertz

Kenny is a poo man. All day long he installs portable toilets in Melbourne and cleans up other people’s shit. To determine the level of service you’ll require, he needs to know whether alcohol and curries or other spicy foods will be served at your event since that will effect the estimated solid to liquid ratio. He’s a simple, loveable guy who doesn’t glamourize his work, but there’s one thing you should know about Kenny. He’s proud of what he does; he helps people.

We all shit. How many times have you driven past a honey truck or pissed in a blue Porta Potty without a second thought as to the men and women who clean it all up? A touching mockumentary created by the Jacobson brothers about the “humbling nature of common decency.” Kenny would just tell you it’s about working hard and doing a good job.

I could get all deep here and talk about the film being an informal critique about our lack of respect for and value placed on blue-collar work, but why complicate a simple message?

You know the average human’s poo weighs around 250gm—not sure what good that information is but there you go.“ —Kenny

Visit the film site. [It’s in Flash. Boo!]