Leavin’ Leavenworth

by Rachel Gertz

So we are sick. Again. This time we both have head colds which we never have at the same time. Try navigating Walter down narrow slits of highway when you don’t even have your head attached to your shoulders. That’s why no writing happened last night. Sick and exhausted.

But to catch you up to speed (Achoo), we had quite a few adventures! Yesterday morning we had to check out of the modern and endearingly simple Ace Hotel: 2 nights $220.00 cha-ching, and then we had to send our sprinty little rented Toyota back to the rental store, $301.00 cha-ching. Finally, we had to check out of Lake Pleasant RV Park (it was very pleasant), and ended up paying $200.00 for five nights because there is literally nowhere to park a 31 foot ass like Walter’s in this city. We love you, Walter!

This is an expensive adventure.

Off to Leavenworth yesterday afternoon (cough, cough, sniff). This quaint little place was converted to a completely Bavarian themed town in the sixties. It was this or extinction because of the re-routing of the railroad and closure of their saw mill. The Bavarian thing worked. You would not believe the tourists that swung through here in a day. Trav and I ambled past “Das Bling Shoppe,” “Der Man Shoppe,” and “Nussnacker Haus” (Nutcracker House, I think) in disbelief but feeling rather warm and fuzzy.

We stopped for beers and the “Ducks and Drakes” pub where they served us amazing Blind Pig Hefeweizen beer —unfiltered & smooth with a hint of citrus. Left our credit card there after we paid the bill, but it was returned without incident. Phew! I love good Bavarian locals. Bavarian music streamed out of the speakers morning to night and it felt a bit like a Nightmare Before Christmas mixed with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Although we loved the Bratwurst and sauerkraut, and the town boasted many crazy festivals, we were Leavenworthed out. One day was all we needed. Oh, before I forget, I begged and pleaded with Trav to get a themed picture taken, as you’ll see below. I think we make a good pair, and I think you’ll agree.

PS- Heading back to Seattle for some Karaoke fun tonight with our pal, Jeff Croft (some of you may know him as the strange monkey man in a metallic blue suit). Know any nasally songs that won’t give away our twin colds? Gesundheit.

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