Manifiesto Yo Soy 132

by Travis Gertz

I can feel the beginnings of a major shift in the production and consumption of media. The dinosaurs of mainstream news are hurdling on a crash course to irrelevancy and eventual extinction.

After decades of intellectual dilution, increasing oligarchic control, and arrogant resistance to emerging societal ideas, now is the time to create a better media and return the fourth estate to its intended purpose as a tool for democracy.

The resources for a strong citizen-powered media have been available for a while, but the desperation and ambition to make change only seems to be emerging now. We are waking up and seeing the problems with consumption-fueled commercial news. They see a population of unintelligent junk-addicted consumers that can be manipulated and controlled. We see an out of touch, advertisement-driven machine that does little more than perpetuate the current state of cultural decline.

I think we’re smarter than they think we are.

The media revolution will not begin in our cushy corner of the world… it’s going to begin in places like Mexico where the levels of corruption, violence and poverty are so prevalent that the urgency for change begins to overcome any subversive commercial control. Instead of demanding change, citizens like those supporting Yo Soy 132, are bypassing their corrupt overlords and creating their own vision of a democratic media.

“Yo Soy 132 (English: I Am 132) is an ongoing Mexican protest movement centered around the democratization of the country and its media.”

Some people see the demise of mainstream news as catastrophic… I say the catastrophe has already occurred. Now is the time to rebuild.

Via Adbusters