OccupyWallSt.org | News & Logistics for September 17th

by Rachel Gertz

Are you watching the occupation of Wall Street right now? You should. I think it’ll be big. Maybe even Syria big.

Thousands of people have committed to camping out in NYC (and around the world) for two months and standing in solidarity against the ongoing tyranny committed by Wall Street.

On Monday, protesters will release their unified statement to president Obama. My guess is that it will be to reverse current legislation that allows corporations to act as persons (getting tax breaks, immunity, and allowing them to pledge hundreds of thousands of dollars to presidential candidates).

If this statement can become a reality, it may be the first step to restoring the civil rights and freedoms that have systematically been stripped from Americans since the Reagan era. 

Check out how corporations can manipulate our economic and political systems in this video by Annie Leonard. 

Another eye opener: We Are the 99%. A tumblr feed depicting citizens in the US who are paying more taxes than large corporations, but who are not eligible for healthcare, are unemployed, and have dependents. They will be occupying Wall Street, too.

This is scary stuff. Our generation will be witness to economic turmoil not seen since the first Great Depression. Are you ready?

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