Onward. Southard. Ho.

by Rachel Gertz

The Mess

It’s now January 3rd, 2011. That means in five days we will be flying to Costa Rica to live with the monkeys (and wireless internet). This is our second attempt at living a transitory life style and we’re pretty excited. The plan: sixty days in Costa Rica, 30 days in Austin TX, and 14 days in Puerto Aventuras, MX, with the convenience of modern technology to bring home the bacon, in our laps.

Then? Who knows.

Because the truth is, if you can do your work in any kind of office, why wouldn’t you do it with a margarita on your chest and zinc on your nose? Just saying.

So, we are packing. As you can see from the above photo, our place is a snaggle tooth of loose ends. Luckily, we don’t have a choice. We’ll have to clean it all up, or we’ll be wearing dink pyjamas all the way to Crazytown, Costa Rica. A side note: have you ever realized that you don’t actually need seven different fragranced body lotions? Thanks for nothing, Bath & Body Works. I’ll be sticking to wholesome cooking oil, thank you very much.

My lovely sister Meg (who has graciously put up with us for six months) is getting a new roommate, and Pixel the Cat is pawing his way over to our friend, Chris’ place. Just for a little while. Just until we decide what the hell we are actually doing, trying to fool the tyranny of the standard work day. It’s all fairly hazy at this point, but we do get to sleep in a treehouse come February!! Our good friend, Karissa is gonna paint the town purple with us. 

Can’t say we have a plan (nothing past April). But I can say we’re going to have a whole elephant dung load of fun along the way. We are so grateful for your support & for the fact that you repeatedly look away when you tell us we’re not crazy for doing this.

We know.

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