Phase II Begineth

by Rachel Gertz

We’ve decided that with the dear departing of our steadfast Walter (he’s sitting outside my mom’s quonset till we can sell his ass), it is no longer appropriate for us to be calling this blog, Where’s Walter?.

So we did a little brainstorming to see what the future had in store for us, and what might possibly work as an alternative. Because you see, there is no stopping the swath of the shepherd once it has beguneth swinging. Below you will see the unsettling spring of ideas that burbled forth from our twisted brains. I guess you can see what we settled with by now, but the fun was all in the getting there part.

If you have thirty seconds, check out our About section. Travis drummed this up out of the recesses of his imaginative spinal fluid, and I think he’s pretty spot in. What do you think?

A little about our creative process…

The first step was figuring out just who the heck we were and what we were trying to do. Bare with me as we unwrap the beauty of this process. I hope you like words.

Also, I won’t lie. We sat figuring this out as we drank some refreshing apéritifs on our rented microsuede couch. Some of our best ideas form via beer & couches.

Who We Think We Are & What We Think We’re About

  • travel
  • adventure
  • spying
  • creative
  • unconventional
  • spontaneous
  • eco conscious
  • media conscious
  • man & woman
  • married couple
  • irreverent pair
  • duo
  • yin yang
  • peas and carrots
  • gassy
  • poop jokes
  • sailor mouth
  • vulgar
  • unrestrained
  • ironic
  • unyielding
  • play hard, work hard
  • experiment
  • live life
  • be happy
  • refuse the norms
  • question everything 
  • accept nothing
  • insatiable curiosity

And suddenly there it was: Question Everything. That seems like a perfect fit, right? I mean, we have virtually nothing in life figured out. The one thing that drives us is just that: figuring things out and being regularly humbled by our lack of knowledge. So we stuck with it. And I’m sure glad we did!

Next we had to settle on a witty tagline. Otherwise Question Everything could, in fact, look like a Communist Manifesto, an As Seen on TV product, or something even more insidious.

Projected Taglines?

  • Balls deep in life
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Don’t be dumb
  • Navigating the shit out of life
  • Where the fuck are we? And why are we purple?
  • Because amnesia’s a party when there’s two of us.
  • Self indulgent/inflicted amnesia.
  • We’d rather not have things figured out.
  • Reaching around for the real answers
  • Groping in the dark
  • Like a blind man in the orgy. We are feeling things out.
  • It’s more important to be curious than it is to be interesting
  • Navel lint for the soul.
  • Two cool cats licking the hell out of life
  • As much fun as a married couple can have with their clothes on.
  • What we like to call the seven headed medusa.
  • Clarity? Eff that. Where’s the booze?
  • Because we keep forgetting this shit.
  • Because your palms don’t get hairy when you masturbate.
  • Because you’ll be severely fucked up and depressed if you don’t
  • Because we like to swear on the internet.
  • Because we wear our hearts on the interweb
  • Because no one has to have hairy balls all the time.
  • Because Encarta can’t be trusted
  • Two renegades stabbing at the olives in the martini of life
  • Two whales making love to Yanni. I know, we don’t get it either.
  • Desecrating human existence one blog post at at a time
  • Thumbs up our asses and into your mouths
  • Because blasphemy is a little bit fun
  • Because the Vietnam war was no Oreo cookie
  • Dare we ask what the hell you’re doing?
  • Beating the hell out of preconceived notiosn
  • Even if you’re not a Marxist
  • Like your drunk uncle Remus
  • Less painful than coughing up hairballs
  • Less painful than a case of syphilis
  • Does it burn when you pee?
  • The best kind of naval gazing.
  • Is there really life after life?
  • Tomato or tomato?
  • Don’t Panic
  • Mostly Harmless
  • 42

To sharpen the accuracy of Question Everything, we had make sure we’d asked all the right tagline questions. We’re actually still wondering which tagline should be selected… Maybe you can help us out with some affirmative comments?

So far, our personal faves are:

  • Two whales making love to Yanni. I know, we don’t get it either.
  • Like your drunk uncle Remus
  • Tomato or tomato?
  • Because amnesia’s a party when the two of us are on the guest list.

There we have it, a place to conceive the child of Walter (or more accurately, the birth of a new adventure since Walter is no longer a part of this). Poor Walter, his ass was far too fat for this ride.

Anyway, it’s more important to be curious than it is to be interesting —but if you’ve got both, you’re fucking awesome.

Onward & Tally-Ho.

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