¡Pura Vida Costa Rica!

by Rachel Gertz

If you’re thinking about taking a holiday and Mexico is at the top of your list, choose Costa Rica instead. Not that I’m saying Mexico sucks. It certainly doesn’t. It’s just that Costa Rica (of similar bonny climate and people) is so much better. 

Having been here three times, I think I can safely say I’m the expert in countries [aside: my husband didn’t detect the facetious nature of this statement, so if you thought I was being serious, rest assured I am the furthest thing from an expert that currently exists]. If you still think Mexico is better, you have obviously never wrestled a giant Costa Rican wave to ensure your own survival.

Here’s why CR is awesome:

1. You can travel the whole country in about 5 days due to its infant-like size, but you’ll want to stay for a month to unwrap and taste every ounce of it

2. Costa Rica has over 100 volcanoes; seven of those are considered live wires. Arenal, ripe for the climbing, erupts every half hour and creates luxurious hot springs so you can pee yourself and no one will ever know. Just kidding; I will. 

3. Costa Rica abolished its army back in the fifties and is super laid back. Violent drug wars are the least of your concerns here. 

4. Some of the best beaches for surfing and exploring in the world (in the top 10 surfing locations). Playa Grande has great waves for intermediate riders.

5. The wild jungles, sugar sand beaches, and natural wildlife sanctuaries are eyeball ripping. You definitely won’t get bored because you’re stuck in a resort all day stewing in your own juices (that is, unless you want to be). 

6. You thought you loved yourself a piña colada in Mexico? Well throw a rock in Costa Rica and a coconut will bounce off your head and turn into one right in front of you. It’s that sweet. 

Kay, well. It’s pretty close to that sweet. 

So yeah, Mexico is good and nice and picture perfect, but Costa Rica is pura vida! And it hasn’t been exposed to the same degree of el turismo that has turned Mexico into a concrete enclosure, in the news for hotel murders & drug cartels. I’m still going to Mexico in April though, so no pushing this post in my face when I do. It’s simply my way of spit polishing the gems in every country as we go.

This gem list of lovely goes on, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for a taste of the landscape, travel deets, food, culture, adventure, and people of Costa Rica.

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