Really, Texas? Snow?

by Rachel Gertz

New Mexico Dynamite Store

Day 78

Three things that we planned on doing didn’t happen: The Grande Canyon, Roswell, New Mexico, and the Carlsbad Caverns. Wanna know why?

Snow. Yep. All the way down here in the heat of belle south. Instead of checking out these natural wonders, we ran as fast as Walter’s wheels would take us deeper into the gut of Texas. And though we lament that we couldn’t walk about red cliffs, stalactites, or alien beings, we still had the taste of adventure on our tongues.

We ran from Kingman, Tucson to Benson to El Paso and then Fort Stockton, to our new temporary address in San Antonio, Texas. And while we raced through these cold and inhospitable cities, we saw the oddest of oddities.

  • Deranged looking people in Kingman AZ. Trav said there must have been something in the water that morphed them all into mutants
  • Truck stops filled with frozen yogurt and old hamburgers
  • Quirky dynamite and rattlesnake souvenir shops in New Mexico
  • The assortment of roadkill spattered across the TX highways: armadillo, weasels, and wolverines? Where are we?
  • The broken toothed smile of Mexico in all its shanty-town glory along El Paso’s ‘safety corridor’
  • The rickety RV park of Stockton and the bristling snow on the highways all the way to Junction TX
  • Oh and seeing what a frozen sewage pipe looked like: frozen.

So this is where plan B comes in. Instead of just going east, we are waiting out the worst of the storm in a Holiday Inn in San Antone. Here I sit, after a fresh pressurized shower, pizza and sweet beer. In my glory. And dear Walter is parked outside, safely in our view. He’ll have to handle the frozen pipes and bitter winds on his own. We need a break from winter. Again.

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