Seattle’s Best

by Rachel Gertz

October 29, 2009

It’s getting hard to distinguish between the days of the week. Right now: doodling in pink pen on a grocery list and taking in the sites and sounds around Seattle with no wireless signal. The melodic notes of Postal Service are floating through this artsy little coffee shop. Just waiting for Trav to return with bleeding eardrums from a Propagandhi show. I far prefer the intimacy of one-on-one music listening, so I vied for the cafe.

Munched on some onion rings at the Honey Hole earlier: a quaint, odd little pub that serves amazing micro-brews. You can buy beer here for $3.50! It’s heaven. But I can’t drink any more beer tonight and I don’t have a wireless signal, so here I sit. What a beautifully unproductive day. This afternoon we headed to Fremont, a culturally rich area filled to the brim with crazy antique stores, mouth watering delicacies, and kitschy boutiques. Trav and I stepped into one particular vintage store where he found the perfect compliments to his Halloween costume. Oh, by the way, we have been cordially invited to a ‘slutty’ Halloween party courtesy of Alixito (thank you!), which will present that one opportunity to garb ourselves atrociously and act like idiots without being chastised for it. Travis will be sporting a juicy mustache and polyester shirt open to the navel, paired with some sexy cowboy boots don’t really know if that’s a ‘slutty’ anything, but it’s hilarious. I found a crimson divorcee’s smock with a feathered hood. So naturally I am arriving as Little Red Riding Tramp.

Seattle is a maze of windy streets, layered freeways, and a completely original art scene. We have not seen a single badly worn mini skirt or hipster scarf (although those nasty Ugg boots have hit pandemic proportions here). Despite the boots, Travis and I are checking off Seattle as a possible future settling place (don’t worry Border Patrol, this would all be achieved within legal constraints and within due process). But our six months has commenced and we have a whole lot of country to see before even popping a pin in the Seattle map. We need to thaw out these winter bones of ours and get moving. Mount St. Helen’s awaits.

Note to self: It rains a lot. Buy an umbrella. Your $14 will not be wasted.

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