Second Best London. Maybe

by Rachel Gertz

Day 226

London Ontario. It has its umm, —charm. 

But let’s not talk about the city. Let’s talk people. Awesome ones. We know awesome people residing in London. Hello Mathew and Jen, and hello little Ferris and (toothsome) Pearl. 

We had a fabulous night with you folks watching the fireworks raining down on us for the Victoria Day (the queen had something to do with this, didn’t she?). It had been way too long since we heard the cataclysmic thunder of major explosives in the night sky.

I also may have to steal that knock knock joke that Ferris told for a half an hour:

“Knoc, Knock?”

Who’s there?


Cow who?

“Cow Moo!!!!” And then maniacal laughter. It just never gets old!

And not that the Indian food needs any introduction, but we had a delectable lunch with you, too. Wished there was more time to chit and chat. But that’s why you come to Calgary. So we can do more fun, crazy things like that and reflect about the good times. 

It was so great to meet up with you. We talked like we had been chums for years. Do people still use that word, ‘chums’? We like it. 

And we like you.

See ya on the flip side (of Canada)

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