Seven Cool Things About Swamps

by Rachel Gertz

Louisiana Swamp

Day 90

1. Swamps do not smell like rotting bodies like Hollywood portrays. In fact, they do not have any smell at all.

2. Mosquitoes do not like swamps. The water is constantly moving, and skeeters like standing water. Leave the OFF at home

3. As early as 50 years ago, it was common to have a mattress stuffed with Spanish Moss that dangles from the branches of the cypress trees at home in the swamp

4. Alligators who inhabit the swamps of Louisiana will not attack you unless fed chicken and then shot with a paintball gun. They are docile creatures

5. Bayous and swamps run east to west, rivers north to south.

6. Gumbo was traditionally made from ingredients that could all be gathered from the swamp: bay leaves, wild rice, crawfish or mudbugs, sassafras, okra (introduced from Africa), and a farmed chicken or hog.

7. Swamps clean the water better than man-made filtration systems. I still wouldn’t drink swamp water, though.

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