Soaked in Portland

by Rachel Gertz

Day 19

So much rain!! Thought we might consider pitching a condo up here one day, but since we feel like a pair of wet carpets, we may have changed our minds. At any rate, we are headed for sunnier ground very soon.

We managed to coax our scooter, Isabella, out between breaks in the clouds to do two things today: 1. Visit the Velveteria, an assortment of over 400 hand painted velvet masterpieces. Sheer unadulterated bliss. Did you know people are still making these things? I tried to sneak a few photos, but they had a strict no photo policy. These were all originals folks: Elvis, Jesus, naked ladies, and clowns all balled into a stunning orgy of colour and velvet. A must see!

Oh, 2. Buy Travis new gloves at The North Face, to replace the one he lost in the RV. Yes, that’s in the less than 300 square feet of space there is to lose things in. Even though I am sure the darn glove is probably tucked behind the fridge or in the toilet or something.

I guess the other evening highlight was Henry’s Tavern; a darkly lit micro brewery that again featured the most diverse selection of beers you have ever seen and a Sunday Happy Hour menu (aka all food costs less than $5). For example, Trav had the Walking Man Black Cherry Stout, and it packed a whollop. I had a Mack and Jack’s Serengetti wheat ale. A nice citrus finish that complimented the caesar salad and beer & cheese soup I ordered. Unfortunately, those tasty beers didn’t keep us warm or relaxed when we took the wrong bridge back and had to ride in the shoulder lane (pelted by rain) in a 50 mph speed zone. Bella only scoots to 35 mph. I enjoy the thrill of a good near death experience once in a while. But honey, let’s stick to the residential streets.

But, as much as we didn’t get to explore the full wonders presented by Portland (see bacon donut, bacon hamburger, Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade) we are so sick of the rain, that we have no choice but to bear south. We plan to take Hwy 101 which apparently parades the most breathtaking beaches and rocky plummet-to-your death cliffs there are. Looking forward to it. Isabella will be safely strapped onto Walter’s back. No joyrides this go ‘round.

Glow in the Dark Velvet Paintings!

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