by Travis Gertz

Today we arrive in Austin, TX for one of the single most anticipated events of this entire trip. South By Southwest (SXSW). SXSW is a music, film, and interactive festival held every March in Austin. Geeks, musicians, and film nerds flock from afar to learn, converse, and drink their faces off for ten days in balmy Texas.

This is the first year I am attending without an actual conference pass and the first time Rachel is attending at all. Despite missing out on the interactive panels, we should have a great time crashing parties, meeting up with friends old and new, and reuniting with a plane load of Cowtownians flying down to attend.

The real beauty of SXSW isn’t what happens inside the disorienting walls of the Convention Center, it’s everything that surrounds this magical week. Here are some of the things I plan to accomplish this year.

  1. Give away all 20 of our fancy new t-shirts printed specially for this event.
    We’re not giving these away without a little work. I’ll post the details on how you can get one on the home page of The Stray Muse on Thursday. For the rest of you, we have the store!
  2. Get into at least one Badge-only parties this week.
    I don’t care which one, but I’m going to try and get our sneaky asses into a couple. Worst case scenario, we fail and start our own party a block away at any of the other 50 gazillion pubs in the area. This is to prove (mostly to myself), that SXSW is possible without a badge.
  3. Prove to Rachel that geeks are actually pretty fun to hang around with.
    Don’t let me down people. Even if its all a big lie, let’s talk about something other than our iPhones for five minutes.
  4. Get up early. At least one day.
    I’ve made one commitment this SXSW, and that’s the photo walk put on by Grant, Scott, and Luke. Some of my favorite internet people are organizing and attending this thing, so I better not let them down (plus it should be a blast).
  5. Refrain from drunk tweeting.
    At least make an effort to make any drunk tweets not sound like drunk tweets.
  6. See at least three shows.
    As usual, there is an incredible lineup of bands this year. We have the luxury of staying a couple extra days into the music portion of the festival. So let’s rock it.
  7. Get a sunburn.
    Okay, this has been a goal I’ve had since the beginning of this damn trip. I’ve sort of achieved it once, but I’m still pale as a ghost. This MUST change.
  8. Meet more people.
    Okay, this is really a stupid goal. This is kind of the point of the conference… at least it is for me. In fact, if it weren’t for the first two SXSW’s, we probably wouldn’t have anyone to visit on this trip, and wouldn’t have anyone to talk to on these interwebs from day to day.

Nothing like setting lofty goals right?

Joking aside, this geek summer camp has always been a source for good friends, great conversation, and awesome ideas. I look forward to it more than Glorbis.

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