Taking a Turn?

by Rachel Gertz

Abandoned West Palm Beach Mall

Day 106

I’m not sure, but I’m hoping we’re taking a turn. A good one. Mostly weather related. But in general, more sun equals more happiness. After all, this is the sunshine state.

Today you could run outside nude and drink in the rain like it was bathtub water. Not that we did, mind you. But there is a nudist colony about 40 miles from here: Sunsport Gardens Nudist Club, so if we change our minds they’ll welcome us with open arms. Come on now, that’s not the sort of adventure we’re engaged in!

We are loving the humidity in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s amazing. Probably a lot like what it was to be a baby darting around in the womb, all warm and comfy. Sorry about all these images, folks. I may have consumed a little too much boxed wine tonight. But there’s beauty in that, right? The images, I mean. There’s so much freedom in this movement that it’s almost alarming. Shakes you up a bit. Makes you wonder what you’d be doing if you didn’t buy an RV and take it all the way to south Florida just because you felt like it.

The plan is to lay low here in Florida for about two to three weeks. Our birthday (yeah, that’s right, we share the same birthday: February 21st) is coming up, as is the good old corporate holiday of Valentine. We can zoom along down to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys and spend some quality time down there burning our sunburns.

If there are any takers, there’s plenty of room in the RV. Do not let the fact that Walter has a mild arterial coating disturb you. We’ll clean him good before your arrival.

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