Teaser Trip

by Rachel Gertz

Smirking Squirrel

We trekked into the woods this week with the desire to restore our sanity. It was a teaser trip with Walter to Kananaskis to see just how well he would respond to our love. We even decided to bring our “I do NOT do outdoors” cat, Pixel. It was phenomenal. Walter behaved like a true gas huffer, demanding $200 to fill up in Chiniki village. Still, he purred like a kitten, keeping us warm, clean, fed, and entertained (thank you surround sound). We dared each other down to our skivvies and waded across a glacier fed stream as the sun went down. Spent Wednesday evening frisbee tossing and star gazing despite the smoky air around stunning Mt. Kidd.  Pixel shot like a canon through the night  on Thursday and caused us ten minutes of frantic lantern-lit searching while our delicious wine waited. Then we found him huddled under a picnic bench like The Littlest Hobo. Good thing cat-eating racoons have an eight o’clock curfew. Took a hundred photos at crystal clear Barrier Lake on Friday that made us forget about winter’s approach. And, wow, did we eat our fill in steak, salmon, s’mores, and blue cheese.

This could work. This just might work. This is definitely going to work.

I love not camping.

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