by Rachel Gertz

Well it’s been a mad few weeks trying to wrap things up in ‘ol Cowtown, but somehow everything has fallen into place. We’ve successfully moved out of our condo, sold or packed most of our possessions into storage, and geared up Walter for the journey. We’ve had a few minor setbacks that have delayed our departure a few days, but over all we’re in good shape and looking forward to heading out west to beautiful Vancouver for the 22nd.

Rachel and I would like to extend a special thank you to a few individuals that have gone out of their way to help tame this last month of chaos. Without you, we’d be completely lost.

  • Chris for looking after the little guy while we’re gone
  • Wil for your generous hospitality and MacGyver lessons
  • Steve, and Meagan & Adam for helping us clear out the homestead
  • Dad Ody & Evelyn for the accommodation, home cooking, and RV hookups
  • Mom & Dad Gertz for helping us secure the road beast
  • Mom Miiller and Rog for the gifts and the car storage
  • Juan and Magda for everything you have done for us and the Vespa
  • Nathan for inspiring us and helping us get interweb connected in the US
  • Darcy for the fabulous Jack Rebney portrait
  • Dave for the gorgeous R4NT shirts
  • Rachel’s crazy relatives that made their way from Medicine Hat and partied their faces off at our farewell party

I also want to thank everyone that has shown their support and came out to the kick-off or any of the other farewell outings. You are the only things making it difficult to leave this arctic city. We love you and will miss every one of you.

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