The Deets

by Rachel Gertz

Quick post because I’m on my way to see These Arms Are Snakes, and I will NOT miss it. This band will melt your face. You should see them. I implore you.

Anyway, back to the task at hand…

After our whopper of an announcement the other day, a lot of people are asking about the details. Here are a few:

  • We leave Calgary on October 18 (or 19 depending on how the going away party goes the night before).
  • There is a going away party taking place at Sam’s Bar and Grill on October 17. You are all welcome to join us!
  • We will be travelling around the United States for six months because, as Canadian intruders, that’s as long as those wonderful border police will let us invade their land.
  • We may decide to extend our trip into Eastern Canada depending on how road worthy we are after half a year.
  • Walter is a 2008 Winnebago Outlook. He is a 31’ Class C motorhome that don’t take crap from nobody (at least that’s what he claims).
  • Me and Rachel are both scared shitless… but also incredibly excited.
  • Our cat Pixel might even come. We’re still debating that one.
  • We have no set itinerary. That is kind of the point.
  • We want to try and visit as many of you as we can. Just be patient (gifts and donations may help… I’m not that far above selling out for some good friends and good times.

On one last note, me and Rach would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the incredibly generous team at Momentile who have offered to help put a little gas in Walter’s belly. In return we will be doing our damnedest to post regular ‘tiles for you all to enjoy. Please go over to Momentile, check it out, and buy a shirt from these fine fellas.

Goodnight folks! I’m off to see some rock!

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