The Gas Huffer.

by Rachel Gertz

Gas HufferCall us crazy (we might be), but we just added a new member to our family. He’s a road junkie with an appetite for snorting gasoline and has no other desire than to wake up on a new street every week. At first we thought this relationship would be impossible, what with him being completely unconventional and unapologetic. But after finding him hunkered down in a parking lot, surrounded by others just like him, he stole our hearts (and then drained our wallets). He promised us an adventure we’d never forget —filled with wonder and amazement. He said we could be captains of our own ship!

Craving a new high and bored with Calgary, we sold our condo, our cars, and our souls. We quit our jobs, knowing full well this could end up a disaster, and invested in a maniac filled to the brim with tales of shocking escapades. We made him get clean —that was the deal breaker. So he’ll be refreshed and released in a week.

It’s September. We’re homeless and jobless, and excited as hell. We are dependent only upon our craft to get us through. In the mouth of fall, we embark upon a life altering journey to study the under belly of our neighbors to the south. We’ll cover every corner of the United States with our travel companion, Walter. He’s a Winnebago.

See you in six months.

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