The Home Stretch

by Rachel Gertz

Day 218

Although we’ve haven’t yet related potent details about our stays in Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara, I have to intercept. 

This is the home stretch, folks. 

We’ve been on the road for over seven months and are now a mere 16 days from our Alberta hub. Oh Calgary, you spawned this crazy idea of traveling in a Winnebago to escape winter, and now we’re coming back to see if we can’t inject a little summer into you. If not, we’re done. Just sayin’.

Anyway, just so you (and the nice men and women at border patrol) know, this is the plan: we’re giving ourselves two weeks to get home, with an estimated return of June 9th. The plan is to dip down through the US for a pleasure cruise (on the road, not in a boat because that would literally mean the Great Lakes, and that’s just stupid). 

We’ll visit Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Montana before arcing up into Alberta through Cardston (a fun place to be if you adore boredom). Basically, attacking the quickest route to Calgary that DOESN’T involve driving 30 hours through the abhorrently green Canadian Shield. Then it’s home to see family and friends. We’ll be renting a block from where we lived last year.

For those that care, we’ll fill you in on the plan after that. Mostly we’re gluing new meaning to the term, “seat of your pants.”

Our blood is tingling with excitement. Is yours? 

No? Well, gd’it. Get off your hiney and go do something about that.


In other news…

A special thank you goes out to Bill Lang. I worked hard to tease a smile out of Bill while nosing the grindstone with him at LivingWorks for a year and a half (or at least I tried —he’s so unflappable). But it was only after I left that I realized we had mutual appreciation for adventure and our own way of doing things. Always negotiating a balance between work and play, Bill is an explorer. The type of explorer who will decide to commit to something meaningful and will do it with excellence & pride, sans sidelong glance. Which is why, against many odds, he and his wife, Lois (I love you Lois) bought a beautiful silver Airstream, packed up the cats, and are hightailing it for the road. I couldn’t be happier! I think this whole RV work & travel thing could really catch on.

Bill, thanks for all your support and RV questions along the way. I have enough answers to now compile a book. Seriously. I await a video demonstration of how to properly shave your moustache or empty your sewage tank. Bon voyage!

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