The Maldives Are Drowning: The Island President Trailer

by Rachel Gertz

It’s gob smacking that in 2012 we’re still debating the topic of global warming. The Maldives has lost over 5 meters of beachfront due to rising ocean levels, and an estimated 25 meters of water is waiting to spill over the land pending the melting of our ice caps. Of course the Maldives are just one of many coastal cities like Manhattan and Vancouver that will be completely decimated by rising ocean tides. Atlantis isn’t just some fairy tale. It’s our future. We’ll be exploring underwater museums rather than art galleries and using bailing buckets to back peddle our way out of yet another apocalyptic variety show.

The Island President, featuring charismatic president Mohamed Nasheed, is an upcoming film about the rising coastal waters submerging the Maldives. It’s a disturbing look at our deny-first—point-fingers-later attitude and how it’s delaying any probable fixes that could reverse the catastrophic coastal flooding beating down our doors.

Can I just say? I don’t give a fuck if it’s elephants or green algae or idiotic human beings causing the increase in our global temperatures. I don’t care if it’s just a natural carbon dioxide cycle and we’re all pointing fingers at each other when it’s just the planet getting its period.

What I do give a fuck about is this: what are we going to do about it all? Because it’s happening right now while we sit on our asses and debate the topic. I just felt an eroded chunk of Vancouver fall into the ocean and I’m not okay with my 24th story condo being the next underwater viewing window at the Vancouver zoo.

Oh, in case you’re starting to panic about your impending drowning, check out TED Talk speaker David Deutsch. He offers a practical guide for what to do when shit hits the proverbial shore.

Thanks to @DavidAustin for sending me this little gem. I really can’t wait to see it (released to theatres March 28/12). I just hope I won’t have to hold my breath in a flooded theatre.