Those Cool Kids We Call Friends

by Rachel Gertz

Day 105

Cupcake for You
Photo By Kelly Sue, Flickr

Met a girl today. She just might have a better story than we do! For serious. This girl goes by the name of Kelly. She’s a friend of the nGenWorks crew and we met up by chance with the intention of swapping travel stories. Well, now I don’t even think I want to talk about this girl, because frankly, her travel stories outshine ours, and all four of you people reading this blog will just give up and stop reading so you can hear about real adventure.

Kelly decided to roam the country in her tent and trusty Saturn for a while after a sudden job change three years ago.

  • Kelly has witnessed torrential downpours in Alabama from the canvas of her tent.
  • Kelly has nearly tased a crazy lady for falsely accusing her of being a near hit and run driver.
  • Kelly has traversed the wild lands of Mt. Zion to the prairies of South Dakota with the mere comforts of biodegradable soap and a bowie knife.
  • Kelly has witnessed iguanas falling dead out of Florida trees due to climate change.

But Kelly didn’t have running water, a working toilet, or electricity, save for that little heater she could crank when the temperature dipped to just above freezing. How’s that for impressive?

So now that you know what real adventure is, we will have to overshadow her by telling you about how awesome it was washing dishes in our sink today. It was so awesome and now the dishes are so clean and phosphate free.

Just kidding, Kelly. You get full credit for today. You were such fun to talk to and now instead of consulting Trip Adviser or Lonely Planet for travel tips, we are going to call you. Repeatedly and with fervour. Until you wish you had just ignored the fact that we were fellow travelers in your hood that could bore you to tears with tales of asphalt and rain. Oh dear, Kelly. We might just make you want to get back on that road again, far, far away from us.


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