US: Bring Back Propaganda

by Rachel Gertz

I’m posting this after having discussed abortion, religious fanaticism, government corruption, and police states over three glasses of wine and a vodka soda with my understanding better half, so cut me a little slack—I’m kinda worked up. Our dear neighbours to the south have been working hard to repeal a bill: it’s called the anti-propaganda bill. Basically after having outlawed propaganda (or the right to publicly brainwash your citizens with misinformation) since World War II due to outrageous fears of communism, they’re now thinking it might just be a good idea to bring back the right to lie to their people once more. Really helps to control those unruly masses who start thinking that not every Muslim is a terrorist or that healthcare is really a bad thing. But don’t worry, we won’t be using it to control Americans, they say.

Jon Whitcomb gives propaganda two broken thumbs up. Photo: Job Whitcomb (1944)
Jon Whitcomb gives propaganda two broken thumbs up.

Excuse me. I’ve had to duct tape my jaw shut after it started flapping wide in disbelief.

If that weren’t rich enough, North Carolina has recently proposed a bill to outlaw the fact that the seas are rising at unprecedented levels, because it frankly doesn’t want people to get alarmed at, well, the fact that sea levels are indeed rising at unprecedented levels (counter to the sentiment of less than 3% of ‘climate scientists’). In other words, we have to deny the science right in front of us because it doesn’t match the beliefs we shared at an earlier time. Remind you of anything else?

“North Carolina legislators have decided that the way to make exponential increases in sea level rise – caused by those inconvenient feedback loops we keep hearing about from scientists – go away is to make it against the law to extrapolate exponential; we can only extrapolate along a line predicted by previous sea level rises.” — Scott Huler

I get a little nervous when I start to consider that these little legislative changes barely make waves in the press anymore. Don’t worry, people. Your right to information isn’t that important. We’ll make a law that says it’s all better.

Good grief. I need another drink.

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