Weekend at Berni’s

by Travis Gertz

Day 189

Just want to make a huge shout out to Mr. Kevin Berni, his lovely wife, Becca… and the crazy animals they live with.

We’ll always have Lily’s poo burps, beers at Dharma Buns, Vic’s Waffles, and Val, you know —the one that introduced yous, to comfort our memory in the cold Canadian dark. 

Our readers might not know this, but we were in some serious trouble when we arrived in Boston. The only RV parks around are closed until May. Even worse, our smell had progressed from ripe to rotten. This is why the name Berni is emblazoned on our mantle (if we had a mantle). 

In addition to the good times, they lent us a shower, 88 gallons of Walter water ‘down cellah’, a cedar planked salmon, and some New England hospitality (the finest).

Hey, we should totally meet up in Bah Habah (Bar Harbour to those outside of New England).

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