Wings Are Fun

by Rachel Gertz

This is a giant non-favouritizing thank you, to all those folks who came out to the Bone on Wednesday. It was sure great to see your mugs. For those meatlovers, have you ever tasted anywing so tantalizing? You veggie knockers (that’s a fancy way of vegetarianating), have you ever had such delicious pizza? You didn’t do the pizza? You’ll go into a depression if you don’t. 

Everyone else: We still think you’re cool. Too bad we couldn’t see your faces. We’ll miss you.

Anyway, we sure had a blast with all your creative handshakes and sauced mouths in the same room. Can’t wait to see ya on the flip side. But first let us drink copious amounts of tequila. 

Bon Voyage!

Below: Only the most dedicated chicken wing eaters were choking down the poorboy’s brew (Kokanee) at 12:45am. You know who you were. We love it. Not that we’re all about pushing liquor addiction.


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