Work For Your Shirt.

by Travis Gertz

Day 143

If you haven’t heard, Rachel and I pooled some cash from our spamaroni fund and got some lovely purple and green Unicat t-shirts printed up for SXSW. Since we were only able to get 20 of these “limited edition” gems made, we had to come up with a creative way to fairly distribute them to our fellow dot-comrades.

The Unicat, you see, is more than just a cheeky logo. It’s a symbol; an icon if you will, of adventure, fantasy, magic, and… unbridled enthusiasm. We would be selling ourselves (and you, my friends) short if we were to give them out namby pamby. Instead, we want you to work for the elusive Unicat. That’s right. Be one with the Unicat beast.

Varick, Jon, Katy, Woo. You four are trailblazers. You stood up, took the challenge by the horns and earned your purple and green with courage and vigour. Those shirts are badges of honour. Wear them with pride, my friends. Wear them with pride.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to ride in the same class as these brave individuals, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and show us what you would do for a Unicat shirt. Every day this week, we will be bringing out a few shirts for those that call themselves mighty.

Here’s what you need to top:

  • Changing t-shirts in the middle of the pub (after having beer spilled on it by yours truly).
  • Running though the Austin streets with no pants.
  • Downing three Irish Carbombs
  • Announcing your love of the Unicat at full volume to a packed Buffalo Billiards house

We will post the video highlights at the end of SXSW. Look for contest details at

You are champions!

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