Anonymous Seeks Justice for Raped Suicide Victim in Canada

by Rachel Gertz

Vice just released this article on the Rehtaeh Parsons case where a fifteen-year-old Canadian girl was gang raped by four youths (there were pictures taken). She later commit suicide as a result of the bullying she received from the photos of the crime circulating through her school. The case was dropped recently for lack of evidence.

The hacker group, Anonymous, has become involved and identified the four boys involved in the rape. They have screenshots of a boy’s confession and are telling RCMP that the case needs to be reopened so that the offenders can be punished. Shockingly, the RCMP commissioner made a statement.

“The RCMP’s commissioner Bob Paulson has commented on a potential partnership with Anonymous by saying “If they want to work with us, they’ve got to take their masks off, sadly, but I don’t think they’re prepared to do that. We’re open to working with everybody in society.” They have also said that, based on “new and credible information,” the Rehtaeh Parsons case will be reopened.” —Vice Magazine Update

Because Anonymous is unable to show itself, I’m not sure where the case will go. Of course we need accountability and the information has to have a source, but obviously the group can’t jeopardize its identity. We don’t need another girl like Amanda Todd to die while her attackers walk free. Maybe the information about the case will just land on RCMP’s doorstep so it can learn how to do its job a little better.

Read the article.