Backwards Alberta

by Rachel Gertz

I know we high-tailed it out of Alberta over seven months ago, but for some reason, we still care about its provincial politics. Call us suckers for a story.

Well friends, you might be aware that there is a provincial election coming up and as exciting as that sounds, this could be dicy. As you might know, Alberta with its oil sands, its white-collar CEOs, and it’s classic 90’s rock is ultra conservative and predisposed to bad politik. Remember premier Ralph Klein? Ed Stelmach? Exactly.

So the latest and greatest party to bubble out of the loins of Alberta is called the Wildrose Party, headed up by Ms. Danielle Smith, right-wing extraordinaire and accidental tire tits. Backwards Alberta packs a laundry list of the party’s less than flattering news releases including its ties to neo-Nazism and horrendous discrimination against homosexuals.

But hey, I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you feel about your vote; just make sure you do your research.

Vote on April 23rd, Alberta! Then tell me about it.

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