China’s Sinopec = Oilsands Puppet Master?

by Rachel Gertz

Terry Glavin is a feisty journalist for the Ottawa Citizen and he’s got a bee lodged squarely in his ass about why Canada (specifically the Harper government) has failed to inform us about China’s increasingly domineering role in our energy industry—try ownership of virtually all major Big Oil companies in Canada and a $20 billion dollar stake in our oilsands. Since China’s leading investment company, Sinopec, is also leading the way in crimes against humanity (they kill their own oil workers when they demand fair wages) as well as supporting Syria and Iran’s disgraceful attacks against their own people by virtue of controlling the majority of their oil resources, it’s no wonder why Glavin is spitting mad.

That bee’s lodged in my ass, too. Glavin’s cut-to-the chase reporting style shed light on some issues that conveniently don’t show up anywhere else. That’s not reporting. That’s apathy.

And I’m sick of not being told what in the hell is going on in Canada. This closed door game of Risk is in need of a little exposure. I kind of wish Wikileaks would expose that Harper is in fact a robot made in China. Then we’d blow the lid of this disgusting charade called Canadian politics.

Suck it, Harper.

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